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【New product in TakeYa: Dassai 獺祭】

【New product in TakeYa: Dassai 獺祭】



What is Dassai?


Dassai sake is a well-known sake line from Asahi Shuzo, based in Yamaguchi Prefecture, Japan. Among the different Dassai sake types, we would like to introduce here Dassai 23, one of the most polished sake in Japan.


As the finest quality product offered in the Dassai line of sake, Dassai 23 pushes the limits of rice polishing. The rice grains used for Dassai 23 are milled to 23% of their original size.


Dassai 23 has an refined fruity aroma with an elegant long finish. This sake has been well-received around the world, and was even chosen by Japanese prime minister Abe Shinzo as a gift to Barack Obama in 2014 during his visit to Japan.


Besides Dassai 23, we also have Dassai 39, Dassai 45 and Dassai sparkling 50 in 300ml bottles in store. Each Dassai sake has its unique delicate taste, and is a perfect gift for any celebratory occasion. Kanpai! 🥂 乾杯!


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